Safety Signs

Are you on the lookout for high-quality safety signs which satisfy all government or council requirements? You have come to the right place because our range offers a huge selection of signage solution options for both trader and public purposes. Whether it is a construction site, warehouse, school or office, our safety sign range can get your message across while allowing you to stay on the right side of regulations.

Choose your material

Depending on where your safety sign will be situated, what it is displaying, and your budget, you might want to choose specific materials such as rigid plastics, self-adhesive vinyl or aluminium. You can rely on Van Decals to offer you a range of material options and sizes, ensuring that all your boxes are ticked.

This is the place to find the best quality signs for fire safety, construction sites, first aid with BS EN ISO 7010 compliance, guidance signs for toilets, and other warnings.

Pre-designed or bespoke

You can find many of our safety signs are pre-designed according to government or council regulations. They have been designed to specifications which ensure that you are supporting exemplary health and safety practices. But should you want your own shape, sign or design, you can also take advantage of our bespoke sign service which puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to design.

Delivery and installation

When you order safety signs from Deco Studio, you can expect the full package. Once your safety sign has been manufactured using high-quality printing processes, we can deliver it to your requested location within the UK, before completing the installation. It all adds up to an easy, integrated solution, which provides you with the signage you need, when you need it.

Browse the Deco Studio safety signs range today, or call us with any questions!