Brushed Aluminium Signs

Welcome to the Deco Studio range of aluminium signs, where we have all the best design options for your signage requirements.

Why brushed aluminium signs?

You will find that brushed aluminium signs offer a multitude of advantages. Not only are they ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, but you can also count on them for that 'high- quality feel' which you only get with premium signs. The material is typically 3mm thick and comes with a brushed effect finish. These signs are recognised for their durability, so if you are looking for signs which can go that extra mile, you have come to the right place.

From pre made to custom made

Here at Deco Studio, we offer a set range of brushed aluminium signs which can meet your requirements, or alternatively, you might like to use our bespoke signs service and send us your own design. Our high-quality printing ensures the very best manufacturing process, and once your signs are ready, we can guarantee speedy delivery around the UK, and the option of installation. Thanks to the relatively light weight of aluminium brushed signs, they are easy to manoeuvre and install, being affixed to walls, doors and other flat surfaces using screws or even adhesive tape.

Order today

Discover why aluminium signs are among the most popular of our metal varieties. Browse the Deco Studio range online or call the team today should you have any questions.