Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are often favoured to affix on the side of vehicles. The magnetic signs in this van decals range can serve to create a magnificent moving advertisement for your business, allowing you to get your marketing message across wherever you go. If your van typically travels far and wide, a magnetic sign is one of the best ways to project key information which can help you to attract more customers.

Compact and cost effective

Why are magnetic signs valued so much for vehicle marketing? Firstly, they are compact and removable at any time, giving you an easy option to update your details, or even transfer the banner to another vehicle in your fleet. When you do take these magnetic signs off, they typically leave no mark behind. Magnetic signs are also recognised for their cost- effectiveness, and you might also like to use them as a marketing giveaway which can be given to potential customers at events such as trade shows or exhibitions.

From the best design, to printing and install

You can trust Deco Studio to offer you experienced guidance when it comes to the design of your magnetic signs. Alternatively, take advantage of our bespoke signs service and send us a design which you have prepared. From there, we ensure a high-quality printing service before making a delivery to any UK location, affixing magnetic signs to your vehicle when necessary. That's what makes Deco Studio the complete signage solution.

With you all the way

These magnetic signs are designed to stand up to adverse weather conditions, retaining their colour and brightness. If you are a business which puts the miles in, these signs will be with you all the way!