Correx Signs

Our range of correx signs is ideal for many different forms of outdoor signage and advertising. These plastic boards benefit from a material called corrugated polypropylene, which offers many advantages; including being strong, waterproof, colourfast, and standing up to the full variety of adverse weather conditions. Correx is also valued for being lightweight, meaning that these signs are easy to install in a variety of locations.

Made of the tough stuff

The UK can throw up some challenging conditions, but with these correx signs, you can rest assured that your marketing collateral will be viewable whatever the weather. It could be an outdoor concert or middle of a town centre - you can trust that your signage will pass the test of time and allow you to get your message across. There is also the option of double-sided correx signs which can help you to attract more onlookers.

From design to manufacture and install

You can rely on Deco Studio for a fully integrated correx signs service. That's because with our bespoke signs offering, you are in the driver's seat. You have full control over the design of your correx sign, choosing exactly how you would like it to look, with optional guidance from our team. We then take care of the manufacturing and installation process, meaning that you have a door to door sign service at your disposal.

From A3 to A0

We have a wide range of correx sign sizes for you to choose from, depending on your requirements. Once you have made your order, we can guarantee speedy delivery to anywhere in the UK, as well as full installation.

Are you looking for correx signs? Take advantage of the UK's full signage solution with Deco Studio!