Acrylic Signs

Manufactured from durable and hard plastic, the acrylic signs in this range are ideal to be used on doors, grabbing the attention of your target audience. Thanks to their tough makeup, acrylic signs can be used both inside and outdoors, standing up to adverse weather conditions throughout the year.

Designed by you or us

With Deco Studio, you have a number of options at your fingertips when it comes to design. You could design an acrylic sign yourself or use an independent designer as part of our bespoke sign service, or alternatively we are happy to come up with a selection of designs for you to choose from.

There are many options and finishes which can give your acrylic signage all the more impact. Why not try a flame polished edge which provides a glossy finish, or customise your sign into any shape you want? It's all possible with Deco Studio.

A modern and professional look

Why are acrylic signs such a popular signage solution? It might be because they offer such a modern and professional look - whether used in a business environment, in hotels and showrooms, or even in the home. The UV ink which is used in the high-quality printing process brings out the best in this signage, and remember that custom thickness is available on request.

Delivery and install

It isn't just the design and manufacture of acrylic signs which you can rely on us for here at Deco Studio. We also offer delivery within the UK, as well as installation, giving you a convenient, integrated solution.